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About Us

Insurance has turned into one of the biggest industries of the world. Everyday thousands of people find themselves linked with this industry in different ways. Some of the people like to invest in this industry while others like to pursue their careers in this industry. Although insurance is a well-known and well-understood word but still there is much confusion regarding this word. Most of the people just have the concept that insurance only stands for life insurance which is completely false.

Purpose of insurancetipz:

By creating this website, we have moved a step further with guiding the people regarding the basics and details of insurance. Insurance is not just a word but in fact its a complete school of thought; insurance is a complete subject. Through this website you can enhance your knowledge about any element of insurance. Whether you want to go for life insurance, health insurance or property insurance; insurancetipz is going to provide you with a very comprehensive and unique knowledge regarding every aspect of insurance.


Insruancetipz will provide you with authentic and detailed knowledge regarding each and every field of insurance. Not only is it going to introduce the world of insurance to you but its also going to provide you with various tips in order to resolve your insurance-related issues.Insurancetipz will provide you with extensive info regarding the various categories of insurance including:

At insurancetipz you are going to find the clear-cut answer to each of your insurance query. We treasure great pride in being the greatest insurance encyclopedia in the world.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide complete guidance to all the people around the world regarding how to utilize their savings in a secure manner so they can lead worry-free lives. You must keep in mind that insurance is not just a protection plan but it is also an investment saving. If you want to save money for your rainy days but you dont have any idea how to do it then insurancetipz will provide you with step-by-step guidance in this field. In this age of inflation and economic competition, we are striving hard to make lives worth living and easy for the natives of earth by educating them about the financial benefits of investing in insurance.

We not only believe in financial stability but we are also striving to help people strengthen their bonds with their friends and family members through life insurance and lead healthy, happy lives with the help of health insurance.