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Benefits of health insurance New York Medicaid at amazing offers

Protect your health from the artificialness of life:

Life has turned into an artificial bubble. You can’t move one step without breathing down the artificial nature of this life. For instance, if we take the example of food then you would be amazed to know that almost 90% of the food products available in the market contain artificial ingredients. Most of the food items are equipped with artificial flavors, preservatives and certain other chemicals that are extremely harmful for the health. Taking care of your diet and exercising regularly helps ensure a healthy life. And if you are still worried about your health, then all you need is an affordable health insurance new york plan.

Why the need for health insurance?

We get this question almost thousand times a day; why do you need a health insurance when you possess a healthy body? Well the answer is really simple: “Uncertainty”. You are never going to know what will happen the very next second. So it is much better to prepare yourself from the worst that could happen in the coming future.

Health insurance plans are created to protect you during the time of illness or any sudden medical emergency. You never know when you might face a road accident or get injured in an attack. If you already have a health insurance plan then during the time of emergency all you doctors need is your health insurance number then they are going to provide you every necessary medical care in order to save your life. Health insurance not only provides treatments during emergency situations but it also provides care during routine medical check-ups and other surgical procedures.

How health insurance works?

Health insurance works in two different ways:

  • During the scene of emergency or medical visit you pay from your own purse and later get paid by your health insurance company or
  • Your health insurance company pays directly to your doctor or hospital

There are some countries that treat health insurance as the basic right of their citizens so they provide this right to every citizen. But there are also some countries where health insurance is not provided to every citizen as his/her basic right, instead it is included in their employment packages.

There are some countries such as UK and Canada where the government fulfills the responsibility of getting the citizens insured for health. While in United States, it is the responsibility of every individual to get himself a suitable health insurance plan according to the law. If a person fails to acquire a suitable health insurance plan then he would be awarded a penalty by the law imposing authorities.

The main idea behind acquiring health insurance plan is the health and well-being of insured. During any critical situation where you have faced an accident or any serious illness, feeling worried about the hospital bills is a natural phenomenon for every human being. Health insurance plans are designed to keep you worry-free from this problem and let you concentrate on your health.

Types of health insurance:

There are two types of health insurance New York plans available in the market. First is a private health insurance plan. Private plans are currently top most priority for most of the Americans as they provide a broad range of coverage and benefits. But the main issue with private health insurance plan is that it is extremely expensive and almost 42% of Americans are not able to afford private health insurance plans.

Health Insurance

Second is the public health insurance plan. Public health insurance is mostly part of the health protection programs launched by the government and these health insurance plans are offered at low premium rates. But here the thing that should be kept in mind is that the coverage or benefits offered by public health insurance and private health insurance have a huge difference between them. Private health insurance offers wide range of coverage while public health insurance due to its limited budget offers limited benefits.

Health insurance plans in USA:

The health insurance is offered in five different forms in United States.

  • Health insurance with indemnity plan
  • Health insurance plan with HMO
  • Health insurance plan with POS
  • Health insurance plan with PPO
  • Health insurance account with HSA

If you can afford private health care plans then well and good but if due to limited financial resources, you are not able to afford these expensive health insurance plans then you can also benefit from the low-cost health plans offered by the American government.

Health insurance new york Medicaid is the plan that is offered by the government for all those people who due to their financial limitations are not able to afford the private health plans. A person might be benefiting from the subsidy offered by the Medicaid if he is continuously facing the issue of high medical bills, getting SSI or is able to meet with the prescribed financial limitations.

Applying for Medicaid:

If you want to benefit from Medicaid then all you need to do is to access the website of New York health department, seek for the list of all those individuals who fall under the eligibility criteria, if you fulfill it then apply online.

Eligible individuals:

The individuals who fall under the eligibility criteria include expecting women, 19 to 20 year old young kids who are currently residing with parents, kids or babies under the age group pf 19, children residing in foster care or orphanage, individuals getting SSI, old people above the age of 65, functional individuals with any disability, individuals with cancer or AIDS, Young kids over the age of 21, etc.

Health insurance

All these individuals are offered special coverage and subsidies by the government for their health insurance plans. If you are searching for a lower health insurance New York average cost plan for your kids then you can also benefit from SCHIP, it is an health insurance plan offered by American government for all the kids residing in those families that are not able to bear private health insurance plans.

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