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Best Life & Health Exam Prep Questions

Best Life & Health Exam Prep Questions

In the fifty states of America, if anyone wants to become an insurance agent then he has to pass a test for life and health insurance. Upon passing this test, the person would be granted with a license to be an insurance agent. During this test every candidate is tested for his knowledge about life and health insurance. If you are thinking about appearing for this test so you can join the challenging profession of insurance then below mentioned  best life & health exam prep questions are going to prove very useful for you.

Life and health exam:

Life and health exam is mainly distributed in two separate sections according to the fields of insurance. The first section will comprise of questions relating to the life insurance. The questions will mainly cover the topics of:

  • Fundamental information of life insurance
  • Policy provisions
  • Tax considerations related to life insurance
  • Policy options and riders related to life insurance
  • Life insurance plans
  • Annuity plans
  • Tax considerations of annuity policy and implications
  • Information about annuity policy
  • Qualified insurance plans

The second section of this test will comprise of questions relating to the health insurance:

  • Fundamentals of health insurance
  • Policy plans and provisions for group health and dental insurance
  • Policy plans and provisions for individual health and dental insurance
  • Disability insurance and income
  • Medical plans
  • Insurance plans for individuals with special needs
  • HMOs
  • Health insurance and related tax considerations
  • Health insurance for senior citizens
  • Dental insurance

Paper Format and type of questions in the exam:

Those appearing in the exam will be required to complete the exam within 2 and a half hour. There will be 150 questions that must be answered during the exam. The entire paper will comprise of multiple choice questions but with three different methods. These three methods are going to include:

  • Traditional question format-you will be required to select one answer from the multiple options.
  • Fill in the blank format-key word would be missing at the end of the sentence or during the mid of the sentence, you will be required to select that word from the options.
  • Incorrect option format-these questions will inform you that one of the options from the mentioned options is incorrect and you will have to point out that incorrect option.

Best Life & Health Exam Prep Questions

Most of the questions will be based on the case studies in order to encourage the conceptual understanding. You will be informed with your result as soon as you finish the exam or the time of the exam has expired. In order to pass the exam, you must get secure at least 70% marks.

Different type of questions can appear in the paper for instance you might be asked to select the name of case in which the court ruled about the interstate commerce. You will be provided with four different options presenting the names of different cases such as Paul v. Virginia or McCarran v. Ferguson or Sherman Antitrust Act. Upon pointing out the correct answer, you will be awarded with one mark.

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