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car insurance buying tips

Car insurance buying tips for getting low cost policy

Cars are such a wonderful creature; they tend to drive us to our destinations in a very comfortable manner. Most of the men are totally in love with their cars so they try to keep their cars with extra care and love. There are many countries where governments have imposed the restriction of getting car insurance as soon as you get a car but still most of the people try to avoid this obligation as affording car insurance is not an easy task.

Car insurance policies are very expensive these days. If you truly care for your car then you must get a reasonable insurance plan for the protection of your car. Searching for car insurance with reasonable coverage and low premium cost is not an easy task but with the help of following car insurance buying tips you can easily get the one that suits you.

  • Avoid buying a car for your teenage son

If you and your spouse currently hold two individual cars and you are thinking about getting one for your teenage son then you must avoid following this though. If you are going to get a car for your son then you will also have to pay high premium for car insurance. Teenagers are usually rough drivers so getting an individual car for your teenage son is a bad idea as the company is going to charge high insurance for the fear of any accident due to the rough driving of your son.

  • Avoid getting a fancy or luxury car for yourself

Many people while getting a car try to get a luxury SUV or a Chevrolet but if you are trying to get a low cost car insurance then you must avoid getting such expensive cars. Because if the cost of the car is high then the insurance company is going to charge the high premiums due to high risk of having that car stolen or getting hit by another car.

car insurance buying tips

If you are going to buy a cheap looking car then the insurance companies won’t be too concerned about the issue of having your car stolen or into an accident.

  • Try to register your wife as a primary driver

The unavoidable issue about the car insurance is that it is also based on the gender, social and age factors of the car owner. Men who all in the age group under 25 tend to pay more high rates because they are more at risk of the car accidents. On the other hand, young or old women are charged with the low rate cars as it’s a common understanding that the women are careful drivers. So, if you want to reduce the car insurance premium for your car then register it under your wife’s name.

  • Clean driving record can work wonders

If your driving track record is clean then the company will charge you with low premium. But if your driving record is not clean and full of accidents or over-speeding tickets then you must get ready to pay high rate premiums. Because if the track record is not clean then  definitely the insurance companies would remain in constant fear of you falling into an auto accident.

  • Increase your deductibles

Another great way and mind it that the easiest of the auto insurance buying tips is that if you increase your deductibles then automatically your car insurance premiums will become low. In order to gain this benefit you need to increase comprehensive and collision deductibles to any damage or accident caused to your automobile.

Saving money on car insurance is not a very difficult task. With come planning and applying some simple techniques, anybody can easily save money on his insurance plan.

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