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How Door To Door Insurance Sales Is A Good Idea?

door to door insurance sales

Since the advent of internet, the concept of marketing and selling has totally changed. People nowadays, tend to go for digitalized form of marketing strategies. So if you ask anyone about door to door insurance sales, he might look at your face like you’re some sort of a freak. But …

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How Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance Works?

Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance

Insurance has turned into a mandatory requirement in almost every field of life. Whether you are working in bank as an accountant, a doctor or a lawyer, professional liability insurance holds a great importance for every professional person.  Now almost every professional body has imposed the requirement of getting the …

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Who Bears The Risk In Insurance?

Risk in insurance

Insurance can be said as the transfer of risk from one party to another party. These two parties have a contract with each other and according to this contract, on will have to pay the other in case of any accidental loss or emergency. The two parties which are involved …

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Where insurance companies invest their money?

insurance companies

Some businesses are hidden for the common people in such a way that they do not understand what had happened to their money which they paid and how is this company earning? These questions are very common related to the companies which do pure finance related business so no one …

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