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Dental insurance

Dental insurance billing tips to file a claim

How to file a claim?

Dental treatments are known to be the most expensive treatments in the world. If you have received any of the dental treatments in the past then definitely you must be acquainted with the high costs of these treatments. The treatments are so expensive that none of insurance companies mustered up the courage to offer the dental insurance in the past. But now the things have changed. Now most of the organizations compel their workers to get a dental insurance for themselves. But still the rates of this insurance are so high that very few people are able to afford such insurance. But getting this insurance is very beneficial for you if you have to pass through lots of dental treatments on a yearly basis. If you have the dental insurance coverage for one year then you get to enjoy your dental treatments throughout that year without worrying for the payments of your treatments. Most of the people, doctors and medical billers are not acquainted with the correct method to file a dental claim. Below mentioned dental insurance billing tips are going to help in easy way to get this task accomplished.

  • First of all you must make sure that the dental procedure you are going to provide your patient is covered in his dental insurance policy. Because if you provide that procedure and file the claim for it and then later on you get to know that the concerned dental procedure was not covered in the policy then you won’t receive any payment for it. So it’s better to read the coverage offered in the dental insurance before providing a treatment to the patient.
  • Most of the dental insurance policies offer partial coverage of the dental treatments covered in the standard dental insurance. So, if any patient approaches you for any dental treatment then it’s better to get the approval from the insurance company for the required dental treatment. You must also check out the limitation of the coverage that has been offered by the insurance company for the required dental treatment so you can intimate the patient with the estimate of the amount that he will be paying from his own pocket.
  • The portion of payment that the patient has to pay for his own pocket can be billed immediately and you can ask the patient to make the instant payment. While on the other hand, that portion of the payment that is to be claimed from the insurance company will be paid to you upon filing the claim so you need to file the claim as soon as possible after providing the treatment because timing of filing the claim holds a great significance.
  • Nowadays, another medium for filing the claim that getting quite common is to file the claims electronically. If you want to file the claim and want it to be accepted quickly by the company then you must try to file it electronically.

Dental insurance

  • Enter the correct patient’s name, date of birth of the patient, treatment provided to the patient, required coding and the number of teeth of the patient in the claim form. Do double check the form for any mistake so the form doesn’t get rejected by the insurance company because filing a re-claim will take lots of time.
  • The most important of the dental insurance billing tip is to keep the patient’s dental insurance details up-to-date. For instance, if his insurance has expired then you must know this before providing him any next dental treatment. Because of you provide an expensive treatment to the patient with the expired insurance then you might have issues recovering the complete amount.

Filing claim for dental insurance is not too difficult but if you are having issues then you also get registered in a training program where you can get proper training regarding coding and billing to know how does dental insurance work.

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