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Health insurance billing tips for effective billing

Filing a claim for health insurance:

Health insurance has played wonders for many people around the world. If you suddenly fall into an emergency then you don’t need to go to your bank and withdraw your money before going to the hospital. Health insurance basically signifies the importance of human life and human health. If you have acquired any sort of health related insurance from government’s health plans or any private company then you don’t need to worry about paying hospital bills at the time of emergency because your insurance company will take care of it.

But how come insurance helps in normal, routine medical examinations? For instance, if you are a heart patient and doctors have advised monthly medical checkups for you then you need to get yourself examined after every one month. But if are currently holding a health insurance related policy that provides the complete coverage of routine medical examinations then you don’t need to pay for these monthly visits from your own pocket. Instead the doctor or the hospital will bill your insurance firm for every medical checkup and tests administered by the hospital; your insurance provider will be paying for the medical checkups you had.

Whether you are a medical specialist, medical biller or a patient, below mentioned insurance billing tips are sufficient to guide you through the billing procedure.

Important elements in filing a claim:

billing insurance

  • The doctor, health care provider or medical specialist has the proper and complete license to practice medicine till the mentioned date. The concerned doctor or medical specialist is not under any investigation or is not tried in the court for any case of fraud.
  • All the codes have been properly entered in the required spaces. You must make sure that you have not entered any expired code in the claim form.
  • You must make sure that the health insurance plan of the concerned patient was active on the concerned date and the treatment mentioned in the claim is provided coverage in the plan.
  • All of the required information has been entered in the concerned spaces. The information required in the claim usually includes the name of the concerned patient, residential and official address of the concerned patient, patient’s identification number, the group number allotted to the patient.
  • The correct payer is mentioned in the form, you must enter the correct payer identification number in the form plus you must also enter the correct mailing address of the payer.
  • The most important thing after filling in all the required fields of the claim form is to submit the form on time. Most of the claims get rejected just because they have not been submitted on time so if you don’t want your hard-earned money to go down the drain then you must submit the claim on time.
  • If your claim has not been answered within the sixty days then you need to make a call to the insurance company. Most of the times people will suggest you to resend the claim instead of making the call but making the call seems like the most effective way to check out that why your claim has not been answered. Many times, the reason that your claim has not been answered is that you might have missed out something while filling the claim form or there is some sort of error in the claim form. Either way if you need to find out the real reason behind an unfulfilled claim then you must call the company.

Most of the people tend to make many mistakes while billing for the health insurance claim but these insurance billing guidelines are definitely going to make the billing procedure easy for you.

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