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Health insurance sales

Health insurance sales tips for professional and beginners

Selling of a health insurance is considered as a very competitive way if someone wants to earn a satisfactory living. You can make yourself prominent among all others in the same field by simply following some health insurance sales tips.

Contact plan:

A contact plan is very important regarding sales tips for health insurance. If you have an effective as well as perfect plan then it will be good for you. In this plan, there must be detailed and correct record of every contact. In this way, you can easily work on all these contacts. You can also go for making your own list of contacts. For this type of plan, you have to enlist the current prospects. You also have to mention about the way through which your prospects can notice you like presentations or emails, etc. It is very important for you to mention that how you will help your prospects in the future regarding the money coverage.


In order to prospect some new clients, letters are very good in this regard. Make some very attention grabbing letters and send them to the recipients. In this way, they will feel eager to listen your offer. Here, some tips are very useful. At first, try to send an introductory letter that covers all the services as well as benefits of your insurance plan. In this letter, you can also go for offering them a totally free consultation as well. As for the second letter, it completely covers some more detail about your plan. Here, you are supposed to ask your prospects recipients directly to hear your offer. Third letter should also have the same points but here you offer your recipients for the last time.

Health insurance sales


A referral process is considered as very important when it comes to new sales. Referrals are very helpful in any case and here too. If a person recommends your company to his or her friend then there will be a very visible chance that others also will purchase your coverage. For this purpose, ask your client to refer you in front of his or her friends.

Do not rush:

Selling is a very simple process but still some steps are very important to be kept in mind. If your business is very large and well established then the sales process can be very complex. Here, you must be patient and do not rush the process of sales.

Time focus:

It is important to establish as well as understand a process of qualification. It is so because by doing it you can quickly and easily recognize the qualified leads. You can also recognize all those unqualified leads that are responsible for the wastage of time. This can easily be applicable to an old clients referral or a cold call. So in simple words, pay attention to the qualified leads and manage time with them.

Meeting goals:

Your goals are of much importance as compared to anything else. If you have a personalized meeting with any of your client then you must have an idea regarding the meetings goal. It is not only necessary to have an idea about the meeting or its result. But it is also important to know about what exactly you are about to do after the meeting.

Be ready for NO:

It is in the nature of almost all professionals of sale that they cannot hear the word NO. This is wrong. You must be prepared for hearing NO from the clients. If they say NO then it means that they are not clear as well as qualified from the pipeline of your sales. You can also ask them for the reason behind their NO to you.

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