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health insurance for college students

Health insurance tips for college students to help them take the next step

When to get a health insurance for your boy?

College life is all about fun, entertainment, friendships and learning in a new way. If your son is about to go into college then you must be making necessary preparations. During these preparations you must also keep in mind the unforeseen circumstances that can disturb the health and studies of your children. Most of the adults when enter college don’t seem to care about getting a health insurance or any other sort of necessary insurance due to the young and energetic age. But the fact is that this is life and anything can happen at any time.

Humans have limited powers so they are not able to stop the accidents from happening. So, if you are sending your young man to college then these insurance tips for college students are definitely going to help you in the best possible way.

Expensive nature of health insurance:

Health insurance is very important but gaining access to affordable health insurance is not an easy task. Health insurances are very expensive these days. Although government has offered various health insurance programs for the residents of USA but the issue is that the coverage offered by these health insurance programs is not very extensive. Most of these health insurance plans offer only basic level coverage that is not enough in dire health cases. So, in order to get extensive coverage most of the people opt for the private health insurance plans that are very expensive. If you are planning on going for a private insurance plan then its best that you must make some considerations first.

Health insurance differs in every state:

health insurance for college students

It’s better to check the health insurance rules applied by the government of your state because every state has different set of rules and health programs so the rules in your state might be different from any other state of America. If your son is under the age of 31 and has recently started going to college then the chances are that he is still covered in the health insurance plan of his parents. Some states don’t even impose the necessity of a youngster to be in the college for his coverage in his parent’s insurance plan; if the kid is under 31 then he is definitely covered.

When does the coverage expire?

If you are concerned about the health insurance of your young man then you must check out the rules of your state. Common rule is that the coverage for your college going boy in your insurance plan is going to stop after the age of 31. But it differs with every state so roughly we can say that after your child has entered the age group of 19-31; you must prepare your mind to find out an individual health insurance plan for your kid. This type of info is easily available on the website of Insurance Department.

Michelle’s Law:

This is a law that is applied in all fifty states. The law states that a full-time college student is granted the benefit of dependent coverage. Dependent coverage is basically the coverage that allows a parent to keep his adult unmarried or dependent child on his own insurance plan for as long as the kid himself is not able to bear the expenses of an individual health plan. Michelle’s Law allows the full-time college students to go on medical leave of up to 12 months while studying in the school and being covered in their parent’s health insurance.

Extra benefits:

insurance college students

Some of the health insurance plans owned by parents also contain extra benefits. This tip is the most helpful of all the health insurance tips for the college students as it would guide you that how long your kid can benefit from your health insurance plan. Check out the rules of your health insurance before getting a separate one for your kid as most of the health plans also allow your child the expanded coverage of few months after the completion of graduation.

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