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health insurance for low income

How to get health insurance for low income?

Affording a health insurance is not an easy task for most of the people. Although the coverage provided by private insurance plans is really great but the costs of private health insurance plans are really very high, only people with sufficient financial backup are able to bear the private health plans. Due to the issue of low financial power most of the people are not even able to afford health insurance let alone a private one. Health insurance is really important in todays age as you dont know when you fall into a situation where you might need one. If you are having issues searching a health insurance for low income then below are mentioned the sources from where you can easily get a low income health insurance.

How to get low income health insurance plan?

Although getting a low income health insurance plan is not an easy task but still there are many options out there that can provide us the complete satisfaction of low income health insurance.

Workers compensation:

This health insurance plan is mostly available for all those people who work in risky situations or their job contains too much risk for an accident. If your job contains high element of risk then you must ask your employer for your health insurance plan and whether you are entitled to any workers compensation program or not. Under the workers compensation program, if you sustain any sort of injury while performing your job responsibility then you will receive a reasonable compensation for it.

health insurance for low income


Medicaid is a great program offered by the state for all the low income families and individuals. Most of those people who are currently doing a job can also seek health refuge under this program. If you are not able to bear the cost of a health insurance then this is the best chance to get one for you and your family. Although the compensation offered by Medicaid is not too much but still its more than enough for all those people who are not able to afford a health insurance plan.

Medicaid is available for disabled, elderly, pregnant women, low income individuals and families especially kids.


This health insurance plan opportunity is for all those people who have recently lost their job. If you are one of those people then you can also apply for this opportunity and if you get accepted then you can easily continue the health insurance provided by your previous employer.


Offered by the state but controlled by the social security department, this health insurance source is also very beneficial for those people who are not able to afford health insurance. All those people who are unemployed, or have low income or are receiving social security benefits can apply for health insurance coverage under the Medicare. This program is not only effective for the individuals but families are also provided coverage under this program.

Apart from the above mentioned programs, if you want to get hold of a private health insurance at low rates then you must get it at young age or at the time when you are healthy, active and fit. Because the advancement of age and deteriorating health are two important factors that increase the cost of a health insurance plan.

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