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insurance interview tips

Insurance interview tips: A secret to success

Insurance industry is growing with every passing minute. Not many years ago, nobody knew about insurance and its benefits but the news is out now. People from every though of school are showing great interest in insurance, whether to invest in it or to become a part of this industry. Like every other profession, getting a nice job in this industry is not an easy task as the insurance companies are always in search of competent and talented people. So if you are going for a job interview at the insurance company for the first time or have failed an interview before this attempt, then below mentioned insurance interview tips will help you cover your weakness and land your required insurance job in the upcoming interview.


Before appearing for any sort of interview in the insurance industry you need to work on the things or procedures that you are going to encounter during the interview. Most of the newbies think that interview means appearing before a panel of company seniors but in fact interview consists of two stages. In the first stage you will be interviewed through the telephone screen. You will be asked a few questions and if you pass this stage then you will be called in for the panel interview with the company seniors.

The questions asked during the telephone screen interview will also be crucially important as they are going to determine your move towards the next stage of the job interview. During the telephone screen interview you will be asked the questions regarding your understanding for the job designation you are applying for. If your answers ensure them that you are able to fulfill the job responsibilities, only then they will call you in for the panel interview.

insurance interview tips

Tips to prepare for the insurance interview:

Before appearing for an interview, you need to make some necessary preparations that are mentioned below:

  • Whenever you get the call for an interview, always ask that what you should bring along with you to the interview. Some of the insurance companies would require you to bring any office presentation so they can see practical demonstration of your abilities. You would further be required to bring copies of your resume in the printed form, and a pen along with a notepad.
  • Dont forget to bring a list of your references neatly printed on a sheet. Most of the times it happens that the employer wants to contact those references at the end of the interview in order to reach the final decision.
  • When you receive the call for an interview then try to do maximum research about the insurance company that has called you in for the interview and the designation you are applying for. Learn about the main objectives, company history, core values, market position, latest products, and marketing strategies of the company. You also need to make complete research about the job designation you have applied for so you can understand the company requirements for that post.

After working out on the above mentioned guidelines, dont forget to dress smartly when you appear for the interview. Keep in mind that your appearance is your visual resume, so strive hard to make your personality perfect.


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