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low cost health insurance

Low cost health insurance in Texas with a broad coverage

Difference between health insurance and life insurance:

Most of the people ask the difference between a life insurance plan and health insurance plan. It’s simple; life insurance plan helps secure the lives of your beloved family members while health insurance helps secure your health from any unexpected disaster. Health insurance is an investment made for yourself. It is important to protect your health. Remember life insurance is for your dear ones while health insurance is for you. If you can’t afford an expensive health insurance plan then you can get almost same benefits from low cost health insurance plan.

Reason for health insurance:

Health insurance is designed to protect you during the times of health emergency, medical visits and hospital stays. Every health insurance plan is different and varies according to its coverage cost. If you already own a whole life insurance plan then the chances are that some aspects of health insurances would also be covered in your life insurance plan but if you want extensive coverage then you can purchase an individual health insurance plan.

If you don’t think that health insurance is important for you then we would recommend you to think about the situation where you suddenly fall into a medical emergency and consider how you are going to cope with such situation.

Perfect health for a perfect health insurance plan:

low cost health insurance

Most of the people due to expensive nature health insurance plans are not able to purchase it but now you can easily get same health coverage benefits from the low cost health insurance plans. All you need to do is to go online and search for all those life insurance companies in Texas that offer health insurance plans at very low cost. But before opting for health insurance you should keep in mind that you need to possess a perfect health in order to acquire a low cost health insurance. If you are not positive about perfection of your health then at least visit your doctor and make sure that you are not harboring some serious disease inside your body.

Hurdles in acquiring a low-cost health insurance:

You should keep it in mind that if you are not physically fit then in order to gain a health insurance plan you might have to pay higher premium but still this rule is applicable on very serious diseases. For instance if a person is diabetic or hypertensive then there is a great chance that he might get a low cost insurance plan because these diseases don’t stop a person from leading a normal or healthy life. But if the person is suffering from a severe or deadly disease then at first he won’t be able to acquire a health insurance plan. And even if he does get a health insurance plan, he would have to pay very high premium for it.

Types of health insurance plans:

Health care plans of different companies are usually available in three types; Individual health insurance, Family health insurance and group health insurance. Group health insurance plans are basically used for corporate purposes where an employer is required by the law to provide his employees the reasonable coverage of a health insurance plan. Family health insurance provides complete coverage to you, your spouse and your kids until they reach the age of maturity.

How to search for a health insurance plan?

If you are searching for a low cost health insurance in texas then at first you need to consider the type of plan you require and the type of benefits you want to be covered in your plan. The first and foremost factor is the cost of the health insurance plan. All you need to do is to access some websites of high-ranking life insurance companies, enter your details and ask for a quote for the required health insurance plan. If you are not able to bear an expensive health insurance plan and want to go for the one with low premium costs then be sure to consider the benefits offered by that low cost health plan. Most of the low cost plans don’t offer enough coverage but still there are many companies that offer acceptable benefits at low cost premium.

Difference between expensive and low-cost health plans:

Do keep in mind that there is a huge difference between an expensive health insurance and a low cost health insurance plan. Expensive health insurance plan offers you with extensive coverage while on the other hand if the company if offering low cost health plan then definitely the benefits would be less. So try to settle for the health insurance plan that offers acceptable level of benefits at low cost.

Points to ponder:

Next you need to analyze the coverage benefit regarding the hospitals or doctors offered by your health insurance plan. The doctors and hospital covered in your health insurance plan would offer their services for low costs as these doctors and hospitals are included in the coverage network of different insurance companies.

If you are receiving any such medical treatments on regular basis then you need to ensure whether those treatments are included in your health insurance or not. Before going for a low cost health insurance do keep in mind to check the emergency coverage offered by that health plan. Last but not the least, you also need to check for the prescribed medicines cost.

Low-cost health insurance plans offered by American government:

If you fall under certain eligibility requirements then you can also apply for a subsidy that you can receive on monthly premiums for health insurance according to the latest American laws. If your income falls inside below mentioned ranges then qualify for the subsidy as soon as possible.

Family Size 2015 Annual Income Range to be Eligible for Subsidy
Individual $11,670 to $46,680
Family of 2 $15,730 to $62,920
Family of 3 $19,790 to $79,160
Family of 4 $23,850 to $95,400
Family of 5 $27,910 to $111,640
Family of 6 $31,970 to $127,880
Family of 7 $36,030 to $144,120
Family of 8 $40,090 to $160,360

taken from (http://www.uhc.com/individual-and-family/health-insurance-basics/tax-credit)

Currently different government programs have been launched that provide health insurance to different individuals falling inside the eligibility bar.


For instance, a program by the name of Medicaid has been started that provides health insurance at very low premiums to low income Americans. This program is designed to provide coverage to

  • Kids
  • Families
  • Expecting women
  • Elderly
  • Disabled


Another program has been launched purely for the sake of old and disabled Americans. This program known by the name of Medicare provides certain hospital and medicinal care benefits to these people.


If you are searching for low cost children’s health insurance in texas then health insurance program only for the kids has also been launched by the government. This program provides low premium health coverage to the kids of those families who are not able to earn much. This program is known by the name of CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program).

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