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Privacy Policy

Do we collect personal information?

Privacy Policy is basically about how a particular website uses the information collected from its visitors. We must make it clear that insurancetipz does not collect any type of personal information from its visitors. Insurancetipz is basically an information providing website and the main purpose of insurancetipz is to provide its visitors with the detailed information regarding various fields and uses of insurance. By providing the detailed information regarding insurance to our users we try hard to provide a solution to all the insurance-related queries of our visitors.

Do we collect non-personal information?

In order to improve our services for our readers, we do collect non-personal information regarding our visitors via technological mediums. Our website collects the IP addresses of our visitors so we can keep track of the numbers of visitors from any specific area. IP address is collected through the portal that any specific visitor uses to enter the network. ISP or internet service provider is another great example of a portal through which any visitor enters into the internet. IP addresses also provide us the idea that which parts or categories of our website are most popularly viewed and visited by our visitors so we can make necessary improvements in the lesser visited areas.

While visiting this website, you must keep in mind that we use cookies and web beacons.

How can you ask questions or give your suggestions?

If you have any sort of query regarding the information of this website or you want to provide us with your valuable suggestions then you can contact us through filling the required contact form at contact us page.

Important points:

We hold the right to make changes to this privacy policy page anytime we like. If due to any reason, we make any sort of change to the details of privacy policy or rules regarding information usage then we are going to make an update on this page. It is the understood duty of our visitors to visit this page every time they visit this website so they can keep track of the developments and changes made in our privacy policy.

If we post any sort of change made in the rules and regulations of our privacy policy on this page then that change would be applicable at least 30 days after the announcement. Our privacy policy will not be applicable if you click and enter any advertisement flashing on our website.