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insurance expert tips on wind damage

Safe insurance expert tips on wind damage

Storms are tagged with winds and heavy rains. These winds and heavy rains can sometime cause severe damage to your property. Those people who have insurance, their home can easily face problems after the wind damage to their home. Here in this article, you will have some very useful insurance expert tips on wind damage discussed to buy the policy and how to claim against the loss that your house faces during storms.

Tip for home during the storm:

  • If you are living on a hill station then you should place multiple sandbags neatly around your homes perimeter.
  • Make sure to block the space between the doors with the help of rolled up towels. If you do this with your exterior doors then there is no chance for water to get inside your home.
  • Make sure that your gutters are clean because if they are not clean then you will have to face some hygiene problems during storms or winds.
  • If you have some expensive or valuable items in your home then shift them up or in upper portion of your home. If you do not go for shifting them up then you will have to pay for that.
  • Keep a copy of home insurance policy. Let yourself know the words regarding water or wind damage for sure. Keep check of the deductibles as well.
  • Download an app in this regard. With the help of these apps, you can keep record of all the damaged parts of your home. These parts include: siding, windows, interior, etc. This app will work as a photo documentary of your home.

insurance expert tips on wind damage

Insurance tips for home after storm:

  • If some items or areas of your home got damaged because of wind then create a scope regarding all the damaged things. You should also estimate the total cost of the repairing work.
  • If you want to keep damaged items record clean then it is not recommended to file your claim if you do not have reviewed the policy yet. You can also avoid all premium increases if you have doubt regarding the increase in deductibles.
  • If your insurer rejects your claim then you should review all those details that you have explained to him.
  • Keep on checking your roof every day. It is so to make sure that whether there is any missed tile or not. This can also be for other material used for the construction of your home.
  • Mention all major as well as minor damages or losses in front of your homes insurance adjuster.
  • Do not go for mentioning those items or areas that were damaged because of any other reason. Go for mentioning only those ones that are damaged because of winds or storms.
  • Sometimes fallen trees or their branches damage the windows of house. Make sure that your insurance adjuster is going to replace your windows with the new ones or not.

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