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tenant user liability insurance program

Tenant User Liability Insurance Program And How It Works?

If you possess any building or premises that you rent out to other people for their use then naturally you must concerned about the safety of that place.  Tenant user liability insurance program is one such program that provides protection to all those premises that are rented out to third parties for the arrangement of any sort of events or functions on those premises. Implemented in the Minnesota cities, this program has proved to be extremely beneficial for the people attending such events and the owners of the premises where such events are held.

What is tenant user liability insurance program?

Tenant user liability insurance program or TULIP is the program that provides protection to the premises in which the tenant users hold their functions or events and at the same time it also provides protection to the guests attending those events. In the Minnesota cities, the premises that fall under the ownership of municipality are offered with the protection of TULIP.

How to get TULIP?

The coverage for this program can be achieved by accessing the official website of TULIP. If you want to get a quote for this program then all you need to do is to log online into the official website of this program. At the website you would be required to enter some details regarding the event that you want to organize and the selection of the venue. After entering all the required details, you will be provided with the quote of the insurance coverage that is required for your event. You must keep in mind that the cost of the insurance coverage varies with the number of guests, venue, nature of the event, etc.

tenant user liability insurance program

Type of events that are provided coverage under TULIP:

Before getting a quote for the TULIP, you must first make sure that your event falls in the type of events covered under TULIP.

  • All sorts of weddings, related to all religions are covered
  • All sorts of public or private festivals are covered
  • All sorts of job fairs are covered
  • All sorts of meetings or club functions are also covered
  • Reunions are also covered
  • All sorts of concerts are covered
  • Different book fairs or fairs related to the promotion of arts are also covered

Whenever any tenant applies for the TULIP, once accepted he is sent an email containing the insurance certificate for his event. If anything happens and the tenant wants to make his claim then he would be required to present that certificate. As everything is done online so you can easily make your purchase for this plan through your credit card.

Risks covered:

Most of the people do wonder about the risks covered in this insurance program. Well the risks covered include:

  • The event itself
  • Total cost of the events
  • Any personal damage occurring to any guest, participant or tenant
  • Any sort of damage occurring to the premises by the guests or tenant
  • Any medical costs incurred on the guests, tenants or participants

The introduction of this insurance program has made things a lot easier for tenants and the owners of such concerned premises.

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