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The importance of healthcare marketplace

Due to the inflating prices of every household item around us, most of the people are not able to make any investment or save money. Health insurance was previously considered to be a health protection and only few of the people used to invest in private health insurance plans. Health insurance, due to high costs, was considered to be a pastime only for the rich people. But with the passage of time, normal people also realized its worth and started investing in the private health insurance plans. Most of the states and governments have also rendered it compulsory for their residents to get health insurance for themselves and their families which is a very tough task for low-income people. Healthcare marketplace is the only place where you can get a suitable low-cost health insurance plan.

What is healthcare marketplace?

Marketplace is the place where any individual of any background, age or race can get reliable information on the:

  • Different options regarding health coverage
  • Costs of different health insurance plans so you can make a comparison of them
  • Apart from the cost, information regarding the features, benefits, and other hidden aspects of these health insurance plans is also available so you can select the one that is suitable for you
  • Different types of coverage that low earning people can get on their health insurance plans
  • Medicaid and Childrens health insurance program (CHIP)
  • Different private health insurance plans

How to access the marketplace?

Healthcare marketplace is accessible in various states especially through the internet. You can easily access it through its website. If the internet is not accessible then you can easily avail this facility by calling at their call centre. Even the in-person assistance is also available for all the interested people.

healthcare marketplace

Pathway to Healthcare marketplace:

If you have not yet enrolled yourself for the health care plans and are thinking of getting the enrollment for the plans available in 2016 then you can get the complete details regarding the health plans and their costs by accessing official government website. In order to get a healthcare plan for 2016, you must get yourself enrolled by 15th of December. If you are currently registered for any healthcare program and want to make some changes in it then you must also apply for the changes to be made before the 15th of December.

Applying for Medicaid or CHIP?

If you want to apply for Medicaid or CHIP then there are two methods to do this, one is that you can send a direct application to the state agency or you can fill out the marketplace application by accessing the concerned website. This can be done throughout the year and if you do fall under the eligibility for the Medicaid or CHIP then your application will be forwarded by the website to the concerned state agency. If you want to submit an online application then you can also check for your eligibility for Medicaid and CHIP through the above mentioned website of healthcare.gov.

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