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insurance claim tips for water damage

Top insurance claim tips for water damage

House is the most important asset of a human being. Humans tend to take great care of their houses. The construction, renovation, decoration and re-decoration are the constantly recurring procedures that humans have to face after every few days. Sometimes, your house needs re-painting; sometimes it needs repair of some sort. Sometimes your house receives any sort of damage from the natural disaster and needs instant repair. The repair issues of one’s houses need immediate attention but most of the time financial hurdles stop us from getting our houses repaired. The only solution to these problems is to get property insurance for your house. But before getting any insurance policy for your house you need to make sure that what sort of coverage your insurance plan is offering you with. Some of the insurance companies offer limited property insurance coverage damage due to natural disaster in their plans while the other companies don’t tend to offer such type of coverage.

However, these insurance claim tips are going to guide you through the correct procedure.

  • First of all, you must check out the coverage offered in your policy. Most of the homeowner’s policies don’t offer the flood coverage so you might need to get the separate policy from the Flood insurance program offered by the government on a national level.
  • If the water damage occurred to your house has not resulted from a natural disaster then it might be covered in your homeowner’s policy. Still if you want to be sure then you must check for it in your insurance plan. The water damage occurring from reasons other than flood include the water damage from air-conditioner, heating system, pipe burst or any other plumbing issue, bursting of water tank, due to sewerage or drain blockage.
  • The most important rule you should follow before filing a claim is to read your policy carefully. This is going to save the extra effort of filing a re-claim over and over. You must check out the incidents covered in your policy plus you must also check the limit of the coverage mentioned in the policy.

insurance claim tips for water damage

  • If while reviewing your policy you are unsure about anything then its best to call your insurance agent for further details.
  • You must instantly notify your insurance company of any damage that has resulted from water in your house. While calling them you also need to keep the insurance number nearby so you could easily provide them the reference to your insurance policy. If you feel the need for instant repair then you must get clear pictures of the damage so you can show them to the company adjuster. You must keep this in mind that the company will only accept your claim if they have seen the damage with their own eyes. So, either wait for the company adjuster to arrive at the scene to view the damage or capture the whole scene in your camera so you can show them a valid proof of the damage.
  • Try to secure your property as soon as possible. For instance, if the water damage has resulted from the bursting of the pipe then try to block that pipe as soon as possible.
  • Try to make a detailed analysis of the damage done by the water and also make a rough estimate of the amount you might need for the repair so that you can make your insurance claim according to it.
  • Try hard not to start the repairing procedure before your claim gets approved by the company. And don’t dispose of anything from the scene of damage.

These insurance claim tips for water damage are going to provide you with easy guidance throughout the process but the thing you must keep in mind is never to let your company pay the claim to any third party.

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